Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Top Resources for Working from Home

Oh. My. Goodness.

I'm struggling here. I started a new job, added some freelance projects, celebrated my wedding anniversary, welcomed a new nephew into the world, and have fallen behind in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenges - and that's only in the first 8 days!

For Day 7, the link post, I'd like to offer my readers some of my favorite resources for working at home. As a business owner (always B designs) and a freelance writer/editor/marketer, I stay pretty busy. I'm always trying to find the next best resource to help me manage my time, find freelance jobs, connect with other moms in business, or build my following for always B designs. It's kind of another full-time job. :) If you're interested in starting a business, I write about one of the most important things when working from home or starting a business - Finding Your Niche - in an earlier blog post (Yay Day 8!).

One of my favorite sites to visit is The Work at Home Woman. Holly does a fantabulous (my new fave word) job of highlighting strategies to make working from home work for you, and I always check her blog for the latest and greatest articles. Here's one I actually contributed to: Giving Good Customer Service - I'm tip #7.

I also really enjoy Market Mommies, Living My MoMent, and Market Mommy. Each of these sites has special and useful ways to help market your small biz. Not only that, but the women are great! There's also a magazine that the Association of Work at Home Women puts out called Making it Work at Home. I did a review post about this magazine if you'd like to learn more.

To help me become an even better writer, I am involved a lot with AWAI, and online writer's heaven full of courses, job postings, and useful articles to make the writer's life a bit easier. In addition to the job postings there, I often do freelance job searching through Virtual Vocations, a paid (but reasonable) site that is all work-from-home jobs (that pay more than $1 per hour or a penny per word).

Now, if you're working from home and looking for opportunities to bring more income in, I've created an Opportunites page at the top of my blog that you can click on anytime. I'll try to post new ones as I come across them, but I will say, these are all women/organizations I trust and highly recommend. :)

I hope this post has been useful, that you find lots of great new peeps to check out, and that your work-at-home life is everything you want it to be. :) If you have any suggestions, please share!


  1. This is a great list you've compiled. I've got some good wah jobs that actually do no sales. It's good to see others finding ways to work from home.

    Fellow #31DBBB

  2. Wow!! Great resources thanks so much! I just bookmarked this post for further reference later.

  3. Thanks ladies! I've learned a lot on this journey and I am happy to share! :)

  4. I have to say I also go to all 4 of those Moms sites and like all of them. There are some great articles on the Work at Home Woman.

  5. Thanks for the mention Angela! Take a deep breath, you can do it! Rock on!

  6. Hi Angela! Glad I've been following you on Twitter and saw the link to this post.

    I am out-of-state enjoying my new granddaughter and return home tomorrow evening, so I hope to read your excellent resources this coming week. God knows I need all the help I can get to start being productive at home!

    Have an AMAZING weekend and thank you for sharing with me!

    Linda :D

  7. Found you through Living my MoMent and then realized you are a fellow #31DBBB too!

    I am so behind in that it is not funny. I will be lucky if I can get past Day #4. At least I think that is the day I am on. I have bookmarked your site and will be checking out the info you listed.

    Thanks for the info!!


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