Monday, May 31, 2010

Great New Magazine! (Review)

Wow! That's all I can say.

The other day, I recieved a brand new magazine in the mail, Making it Work at Home, from Carrie Wilkerson and Jenny Flintoft. Carrie, also know as the Barefoot Executive, and Jenny formed the Association of Work at Home Women (AWHW) to help other women connect and learn how to make it work while working at home. is their website, and it's all about connecting and educating and empowering women that work at home (either part or full time). The great thing is that they have different membership packages that you can choose from, and each has great perks!

The magazine itself is published quarterly and is part of their $97 and above membership options. I think it's a great deal, considering how wonderfully helpful these two women are and how passionate they are about helping other women like them.

While reading their first issue, I was amazed by the quality of writing, content, and lack of ads. I especially enjoyed their article on Successful Social Marketing by Kate Buck, since this is a big focus of mine right now. Another great article was written by Carrie herself, My Why, and discusses the why behind your business. Last but not least, I couldn't live without the article on Organizing Your Mental Office by Ann Vertel - I think we all need help with that! :)

Carrie can be found on Twitter @barefoot_exec, the AWHW can be found on Twitter @AWHWorg, and they also have a blog with their website, Check them out!

This is definitely one magazine I'm considering writing for and will be contacting them shortly!


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