About this Blog

Hey readers! Thank you for stopping by always B designs: the blog. This blog was born out of my love of writing and stems from my business, always B designs.

always B designs is a custom stationery & gift boutique where I handmake custom crafts. Some of the things I sell include:
  • Domino necklaces, including those with your own photo!
  • Bottle cap necklaces - these are interchangable and you just take one cap off and put a new cap on for a completely different necklace!
  • Scrabble tile necklaces
  • Decorated clipboards
  • Premade scrapbooks
  • Stationery: business cards, note cards, invitations, and announcments
I'm also a freelance Communications Specialist with experience in writing, editing, and marketing, and am always involved with writing in some form of fashion. Here's how:
  • Writing press releases
  • Designing media kits
  • Writing copy, articles, and other documents
  • Editing books, magazine articles, and business documents
  • Helping other's with their social media needs and/or marketing needs
This blog is designed for me to vent: about life in general, my ideas, tips, and discoveries related to my design life, and just a place for you to get to know the me that isn't all business. :)

Thanks for stopping by!