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*Disclaimer: Every now and then I review books/magazines/websites others ask my opinion of. In no way am I receiving compensation and my review is not an automatic approval or agreement with their philosophies. I share my opinions with you so that you too, may go on to form your own opinion and maybe find something new to read.

A new friend of mine, knowing that I too am a Christian, asked my opinion of a new website she was involved with - Creation Conversations. I decided to review the site, trying to review it from a Christian standpoint, and not a denominational standpoint - meaning, I may or may not agree with the site's viewpoints, but what do I think of the site overall...

Basic Design:
I like how the site has muted colors, blue, like the earth, and that you can see the bible - the original book, in the background. Very elegant and understated. It is very well laid out and easy to navigate - a major plus!

Basic Layout:
Like I said, easy to navigate. Another big plus is that it has the major important things on the right hand side, easy to find, like the Resources and Sign in link. You can tell where their links go to, and everything has a heading. The only thing I would change (because I'm easily distracted) is to have divider lines seperating their 3 main columns.

Oops, sorry, I got lost in their photos page...

Back to it...

This is a great sight overall for those who want to learn about this viewpoint (see more on the site for their viewpoint, but it's basically creation over evolution). It is very informative and doesn't scream at you or talk down to you. It explains things simply, and in fact, my favorite page is their 'FAQ' page. That answered some questions I had for sure! The best part - they give you biblical proof of each point they make, which I think validates a stance because it shows 'proof'. The only thing that could have made it a more solid case was to put actual verse in there, so that people could go look it up in the bible. Overall, I think it's a great place for people who would like some answers.

I love the forum too - for this site to take on the task of talking about such a controversial topic is brave, but necessary, and I think they've done a good job at representing people's opinions and need to talk about it.

Another great page on their site is the resources page. I like how they share other places to get more info on their viewpoint. This is important to secure trust in readers, so kudos!

Lastly, I also like that they have a groups section. This lets readers at different stages explore the site on their level. I do however, think they could benefit from adding a 'moms' group. I didn't see one, although I did see one for grandparents, kids, men, etc. Moms are a huge audience, and targeting them would be important.

So, what do you think? Visit the site, share your opinions! I'd love to hear your thoughts (but keep it clean).

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