Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm on a Journey of 31 Days!

Okay SITS gals and BlogFrog friends, I'm ready to go on this 31 Days to Building a Better Blog challenge with you!

I've already done day one...

Here's what I did - if you've been here before you will definitely notice the changes!
  1. I changed my blog header so that it said THE BLOG instead of 'Custom Stationery & Gifts', which is what my website says. That way, people would actually know this was my blog and not my website, which has actually been an issue before.
  2. I added my elevator pitch below the header - what do you think? I wanted something short and sweet, but that conveyed that I'm not all business. Did I miss the mark or hit the nail on the head?
  3. I updated the overall look of my blog - cleaned it up, added better 'Ways to Connect' buttons, and added share buttons at the bottom of each post for easy sharing. I also installed Google Analytics for tracking purposes.
Hopefully, day one was a success for me and for you! Any other tips or tricks I should know about?


  1. Love the Blog Design! Very classy and fresh. nd your elevator pitch, of course! Good luck with the 31 day challenge.

  2. I love the Ways to Connect buttons and share buttons. Where would I find something like that?

    I think everything you did for day 1 looks great!

  3. Thanks ladies! @Elly - I would be glad to help you with that.

    My designer made the FB/Twitter buttons and I used code to get them from my site, but there are some out there, like at that you can just copy their code and add it to your site. You can also search "social media buttons" for other sites out there - they are usually free. The share button is from and is awesome.

    Check those out and let me know if you have any questions. :)

  4. Great elevator pitch Angela and your page looks fantastic.

  5. I am visiting from the challenge and I love the look of your blog! The look is clean and simple! Great idea adding "the blog" to your title. Good luck, this should be a lot of fun!

  6. Thanks dilegacy4life & Michelle! I love the look too - I actually had everything designed to match, the blog, website, twitter,, etc. and it wasn't that expensive! @Michelle - I've been wanting to add 'the blog' for awhile, but couldn't get it to work, so I had a designer friend fix it. :)
    Have fun on the challenge ladies!

  7. Hey Angela!
    Steph fr initiative180 here. Love your blog, it's really classy and clean. One suggestion I have for you for your tagline would be to keep it to just 3 main things

    Ie: your source of ideas,discoveries, and life in general. OR your source of tips, discoveries, and life in general.

    As a Jour major, I was always taught to believe in the power of the 3 and I'm inherently biased but I do think it looks more balanced and is cleaner, tighter that way. Words are my first love;I suggest looking at quotes that inspire you too and seeing what is it about them that inspires you that YOU can use for YOUR tagline/pitch.

    keep on the blogging!!!!

  8. Stopping by from #31DBBB - great elevator pitch! I'm new follower looking forward to reading more over the next 30 days! ;)

  9. @Steph - thank you for the insight. I'm a words lover too, published writer and editor of many books, articles, etc. We'd get along great! :) I am going to stew over it for a few days, but am thinking on your suggestions.

    Amy - thank you, and welcome! I'm glad we connected over this challenge and I can't wait to read more from you too! :)


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