Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reality TV Junkie

So, is it just me, or is Reality TV addicting? I mean, really, I have enough drama in my own life (i.e. trying to get pregnant, dealing with younger siblings who are already, looking for a new job, etc). So, why do I watch it then?

I think it's the classic sydrome of 'my life could be worse' or maybe just the fact like I like watching other people make mistakes (ooh, that makes me sound like a horrible person).

Here's the rundown on what I watch...
Amazing Race (in fact, this is the show I'd be on if I could be on any of them)
Big Brother (major drama)
The Bachelor (again, major drama, and a little fairytale)
Dancing with the Stars (I love watching the dances and getting to know the 'real' side of celebrities)
American Idol (I have predicted the top 4 each season and usually been right)

So, what reality shows are you hooked on? Do share!

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