Friday, August 21, 2009

A Customer Testimonial

Just wanted to share my latest testimonial with you...
"As a customer of Angela's, I had some ideas for notepads but was much too busy to take the time to design them. I told Angela about my ideas and a basic thought of what I wanted. What she ended up designing was by far better than the designs I thought of. The notepads were a success from my recipients. I am going to order a lot more at Christmas because they were so well-received. Angela has also offered her expertise to me in other products she sells. I know I can trust her designs and experience to formulate a product that I would be extremely happy with. She is a very creative and talented lady!" Lorrie C.
Thanks for all your support!


  1. That's really nice :) I guess my testimonials are my Etsy feedback.

  2. @ The Lost Earring...
    I get a lot of testimonials from my facebook page, linkedIN account, and just by random emails or by asking. You should get a few and post them on your blog or etsy page - you're worth it! :)

  3. Yay! How exciting! That is a great testimonial! :)


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