Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Pledge to Buy Handmade & Local Items

As I gear back up to get back into blogging after taking a break to enjoy my sister and nephew having moved in with me and my hubby, I decided to take part in something great...

The Handmade Toy Alliance ( is coordinating a push to buy handmade and local products during American Craft Week (

Why am I participating in spreading the word? The reason is two-fold...

1. I myself am a small business owner, making my products by hand, and I strongly support consumers buying from their local businesses and supporting the small-business owners, who often have higher quality items, sometimes at a lower cost.

2. Now that there's a baby in the house, I understand better the importance of what types of toys we give our children and knowing where they came from.

So, I hope you'll consider joining in - or at least reading about the pledge and spreading the word...

To find out more about the pledge and how you can get involved, check out this site:  You can also read their press release to learn more:

They also have a facebook and twitter page: and @toyalliance.
When tweeting about it, if you'd like to spread the word, be sure to use the hashtag #HTApledge.

Thanks everyone!

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