Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What are You Getting Your Teachers this Year?

So, it's back to school time... and that means...

Teacher gifts.

As part of my Back to School Blog Tour postings, I figured this would be a great topic to share! But, first, a big shout out goes to Abbey with Living My MoMent and Holly with The Work at Home Woman for hosting this tour! If you aren't sure what the tour is all about, read this first...

So, what kind of gifts should you get your child's teacher? Well, as a former teacher, I can tell you that most teachers want practical, yet thoughtful gifts (although none expect gifts).

Here are some ideas (I offer the first 4 things):
1. Personalized note cards - these can be with their name, school info, etc.
2. Decorated clipboard - more fun, yet still practical, and can be personalized with name, school theme, etc.
3. A piece of unique jewelry - I've got some great domino, scrabble tile, or bottle cap pieces you can personalize with their names or even school theme 
4. Gift certificates - this can be to anywhere - a shop like mine, a restaurant, Starbucks, etc.
5. Coffee mugs or thermal mugs
6. Flowers or a card - especially if it's personlized with a note from the student
7. Candy or food of any kind
8. Cute note pads, or other stationery items
9. A nice pen/pencil set - maybe engraved with their name
10. A few new children's books or other teacher supplies to add to their stash - especially helpful for those teachers who teach in situations where they always have to buy these things - it gives them a break.

Teachers don't want you to spend an arm & a leg - truly. It's the thought that counts - and the more you get to know about your child's teacher, the better suited of a gift you can get them. :)

Okay, now shop away!


  1. You give teachers a gift at the starts of school?! Before they've even taught the kids anything - that's one lucky teacher. In primary school we used to give the teacher something at Christmas or the end of the year if they were really nice. It's funny how traditions like this change from place to place.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Thanks for opening my eyes to the teacher's perspective. I have been back and forth for giving gifts to the daycare/preschool/montessori teachers, now I'm definitely going to!


  3. Thanks for stopping by to see me: I love your enthusiasm and it is great to meet you!

  4. Hello! I am stopping by on the Back to School Blog Tour! I loved the ideas you gave as gift suggestions! I always give my daughter's teachers gift certificates because I know they have to use their own money to purchase things for the classroom. So, I always do Borders, Barnes and Nobles. Sometimes I do Wawa as well. Hey, we all need our caffeine, right? lol

    You can check my blog out at:

    I look forward to reading more on here!

  5. I love the clipboard! You are so creative!

  6. I've gotten a lot of great responses about your clipboards. They are very cute! Thanks for being a part of the Back To School Blog Tour and for hosting a giveaway!

  7. I love your clipboards and scrabble necklaces! I have a few picked out and listed on my online shopping list! :)
    Glad you're part of the BTSBT!! My new blogging site is
    Have a great day!


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