Friday, June 18, 2010

Stepping Up for a Good Cause: Layla Grace Fundraising Event

What an awesome event! The Layla Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation, founded by the parents of little Layla Grace, who lost her battle to cancer in March, was recently honored with an event called A Taste of Cy-Fair.

This event was on Sunday, June 13th at Northwest Forest Conference Center. More than 3,000 people came out to support the foundation, which raised over $26,000 from this event alone. The event was full of fun, all the food you could eat, and shopping, all for only about $10!

As a vendor at this event, I can only say WOW. There were so many people there, all to support Layla Grace. I sold special Layla Grace necklaces (which I still have a few of if you're interested), where 50% of each sale went to the foundation, and businesses from all over the country donated prize packs to help the cause. Want yours? Just email me at :)

It was also my first event to pass out Mommy Bags at. If you haven't heard about Mommy Bag Marketing, you're missing out. Click here for the website, facebook page, and twitter page.

To see pictures from the event, click here. Also, to read more about Layla Grace or the foundation, click here.


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